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It almost sounds or looks like atas chye-png bowl and well such grain bowls are probably a staple these days in cafe to have their rendition of our hawker stall's economic mixed vegetable and rice on a plate! I was drawn to ordering this because of the grilled miso egg plant. And boy I wasn't disappointed, except that it should come in a slightly bigger cut. The white miso is torched and complements the eggplant's otherwise tasteless flesh. Comparing to the other items on the menu this is probably for the small eater. Well, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with bowl, mushroom and tomatoes were well sautéed, kale was kind of air-fried to a nice marinated crips. Stir-fried chicken chunks were satisfactory and savoury. Corn was a must giving both the balance of flavour and substance, as the grain base used was quinoa, which was nothing short of tasty but was only a really thin layer at the base. At the end of it all, it might well be the case of too good (hence) too little.