Chow kee

Wok hei ✅
Smooth , QQ horfun texture ✅
Fresh fish slices ✅
Generous portion ✅
Tasty egg gravy ✅
Very Reasonably priced. ✅
Fast service ✅

I honestly haven’t had such a great plate of horfun in a Long time.

Everything and really , every thing was done so well .

I would choose this over kok Sen anything .
My new found favourite place for sliced fish dishes / soup noodles / horfun / ee- Mian .

Their black bean / See chup version of the sliced fish horfun is good as well .

This stall has a particularly Long history at Tiong Bahru market and they have been serving up fabulous horfun / tze char dishes over the years.

Some things don’t change :)