You know I've eaten at quite a number of Japanese establishments, and have tried many good beef from different Japanese prefectures. Yet I found this to be one of the best grilled wagyu I've had.
These cubes fried to medium rare had only a very thin layer of crisp to it, and beyond that was bursts of clean, sweet, and flavorful wagyu juices. And I was lucky to have the prized Ohmi that evening. But beyond the grade and origin of the beef, I felt it was the expert grill of the chef that made all the difference. Reason is, I've had good grades of Kobe beef in Japan, but possibly under the wrong hands, so those tasted nothing close to this.
The courses in this $180 Hoshi Menu includes:
* Amuse bouche
* Japanese salad
* Choice of sashimi or tempura
* Wagyu beef sirloin (pictured)
* Seafood (prawn scallop, salmon and white fish)
* Sautéed vegetables
* Fried rice
* Miso soup
* Desserts
I'll share with you in another post photos of all the other dishes I've had in this menu. I just wanted to tell you about this beef first cos it should be given dedicated attention.
Alternatively, you can order 150g of this beef as ala carte for $120++. What's given in the teppanyaki set (and pictured) is 80g.
Taken during a Burpple Eatup

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