We heard of this famed noodle stall and decided to try it out!! The stall serves a variety of handmade noodles, including ban mian, you mian, Mee hoon kueh, topped with ingredients such as sliced fish, abalone slices and pacific clams. In our case, we ordered the dish with you mian and abalone slices only, with the smallest bowl costing $4!

Although the noodles tasted fairly standard, the soup was really nice because it was very flavourful and probably has been boiled with fish and ikan bilis for a long time. For $4, the ingredients were also fairly generous even as the bowl of noodles was rather small. Pair the noodles and the abalone slices with the chilli paste provided for an extra kick since the chilli is really spicy!

Poon Nah City was really crowded even near it's closing time of 8 pm in the evening, and it's testament to the popularity of the dish! 😁