Came here with a group of friends and we all thoroughly had a pleasant experience with the food to the ambiance and service(:

We started off with unique dishes such as the roasted bone marrow, ox tongue, crispy pig's ear, and uni/caviar toast. I do not normally eat organs and am quite picky with meat but their dishes really changed my mind! They were not as gamey as I thought they would be and I especially enjoyed the pig's ears which were as addictive as eating chips!

Moving on to the main dishes, we had the wagyu MS 8/9 rib cap and the wagyu MS 6/7 zabuton. Had never heard of these cuts prior to coming here, but no regrets as they were incredibly tender. The accompanying bordelaise sauce just elevated the whole dish as well so do make sure to try it with the sauce!:)
Worth mentioning are the other mains such as the mac and cheese, truffle fries, and grilled mushrooms which may sound common but were my favorites of the entire meal! The crispy mac and cheese was not at all greasy or too rich, which made it all the more palatable to eat to the last bite. It is a must-try!! The truffle oil in the truffle fries was fragrant and the mushroom had a refreshing zesty taste which I very much enjoyed!

For the desserts, we had the burnt blue cheese cake and eton mess. The blue cheese in the cake is quite strong, but well balanced when eaten together with the eton mess!

Overall, a good experience and would come back again!