The mezza platter comes with an Arabic salad, and a freshly made flatbread for dipping into the hummus (chickpeas, tahini), babaganoush (charcoal grilled eggplant with peppers, pomegranate sauce), labneh (Lebanese hung yogurt) and moussaka (cubed eggplant, chickpeas, tomato, green pepper and others). The flatbread was so-so. Liked the moussaka best! The cubed eggplants/tomatoes etc was pretty flavourful and tender. I haven’t had labneh before, but I found the stringy texture interesting. My friend liked the babaganoush a lot, and kept dipping her flatbread into it :) Hummus was pretty decent too!

The chicken kofta is marinated minced chicken that is charcoal grilled. It was juicy, and we all liked it. The rice served with it is nice and fluffy, and I didn’t find it dry even though there was no sauce.

Overall, I liked that the food was not too heavy on the palate, but still tasty. Portions are large, 3 of us shared these 2 dishes. Service is great too! They were very friendly :) Would make a return visit - they’re on both Beyond and Eatigo, so it’s even more affordable after 50% off.