When I first entered Albert Hawker Centre, I spotted an extremely long queue and decided to join it without even knowing what I was queuing for. I peaked at the menu and was glad that they sold Fish soup. I ordered the $5 portion of the Sliced Fish Thick Beehoon Soup and it came in a really big bowl! When I took the first bite, I found the dish quite plain and didn't understand why there was such a long queue. My dad explained that they were famous for their fish soup and I decided to drink the soup. The soup was absolutely delicious and changed my whole impression of the stall, the chili given complements the dish perfectly. My dad shared that the stall has been around for ages and that the old auntie that he knew of, was not around anymore(he used to frequent the stall very often). He also said they made the soup out of salted fish and pounded fish bones which explains the amazing flavorful taste, which was not at all plain. My mum also told me that I should've ordered it with rice which everyone else who was in the queue did. I found that $5 was an acceptable price for a large bowl of soup.