Came at around 6.15pm with my boyfriend, not as crowded. Dinner crowd only came in at about 6.30pm. Place was located along a string of other food places as well, not difficult to find. They also have indoor and outdoor seatings!

I ordered their pork jowl & beef with ponzu with green tea. Their food are tasty but extremely seasoned, so for those who prefer more bland food they might find it too salty/sweet. However it was just right for me as I enjoyed the food thoroughly.

The beef with ponzu was a little salty to my liking as it didn't came with any rice (you have to order separately) but it would've honestly been a perfect pair with the onigiri or any rice/soba. What a shame I should have ordered some :(

The pork jowl was just the right texture - chewy but soft; it was easy to chew and swallow & the egg that came with it, when paired together tasted heavenly. It was the best combo - a match made in heaven.

The green tea was so-so, nothing too special about it but definitely a good thirst quencher. Plus, it was refillable which is a plus point!!

All in all, I would definitely go back there!