Ahoy in SS 15 should be well known by now. It has been going steady for quite a while I guess. My first time going there with me having a red velvet went ok. Not great, but ok. But hey, I heard they have mains too!!

So for the second time around, I decided to try their Hot and Sour Chicken Wrap set where you add on RM 5 for a cuppa, latte or americano getting the total bill at RM 19.00. The wrap set comes with a small bowl of mushroom soup, a side of a salad along with the wrap itself.

Their tortillia wraps were a little thicker compared to Subway's and the wrap itself, while juicy, was not overflowing with juices and sauces. You get a little pinch of heat but not enough to make you grab a bucket of ice. In fact, to some it would probably go unnoticed. The mint sauce at the side gives you a nice tangy and minty touch or you could just leave it there to be decoration. Personally, I actually find the wrap not bad. Loving the red, yellow and green peppers.

The mushroom soup was very creamy. But I'm spoilt that I like my mushroom soup thickened with potatoes (try it guise, it makes all the difference). People who don't prefer cream might not fancy this since it is quite creamy with a strong dairy taste. I personally get sick of greasy or heavy foods easily so I couldn't finish the bowl. Most of the components were blended finely with a few sliced mixed mushrooms here and there and the earthiness of the mushrooms and the creamyness of the cream gives a large contrast. Which may be a good or bad thing. Personally I would have preferred if they sweated out the mushroom's prior to adding in the soup. And I also got myself a mouthful of pepper (as in an undissolved clump) tho I guess perhaps I was unlucky today.

Salad was simple with lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes and Goma (japanese for sesame) sauce. The goma sauce doesn't drench the salad but also is enough to give you some sesame-ness with every bite.

Well this Hot and Sour Chicken wrap certainly doesn't make me burst in flames.

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