You can hardly miss Kra Pow Thai Street Food's 2nd outlet on the 2nd floor of Chinatown Point with the bright jade green roof tiles adorning the walls of the restaurant.

Most Thai eateries in Singapore serve their pad thai with a dash of chilli flakes on the side. On hindsight, we should have paid a little more attention when the server highlighted that their pad thai is served a little spicy and the menu highlighted 3 different spice levels.

The pad thai was therefore (un)surprisingly spicy. Whilst it packed a good amount of wokhei, we couldn't really enjoy it cos it packed an uncomfortable amount of heat for us and you could hardly taste anything else. It was also rather expensive at $15 per plate when you can get a plate at $10 or below elsewhere.

I guess their pad thai will work for those who enjoy the stomach churning heat. Otherwise, take my advice and ask them for a non-spicy plate!