The waffle has a nice crisp exterior with stretchy and chewy Chinese rice cake (年糕) inside. The nian gao was not too sweet with hints of brown sugar. I enjoyed the contrasting texture of the chewy nian gao and crispy waffle. The tie guan yin ice cream was creamy and light in flavour with a very mild taste of tea which I wish the fragrance of tea could be stronger. They do not allow flavour tasting so it's really a hit/miss.

Other flavours available are cookies and cream, sea salt gula melaka, osmanthus oolong, dark chocolate, yuzu shiso, Hoegaarden Rosee beer, chrysanthemum goji berries, matcha butterfly pea soy, roselle smoked plum, pi pa gao mint, white peach oolong, strawberry chia seeds, Jasmine green milk tea and earl grey milk tea.

Nian Gao Waffle + 1 Scoop 》$11.30

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