Ordered a Florentine and Wagyu Beef Sando. The price is way too steep for what we ordered. The $25 Florentine hardly had chunks of crab meat in them instead we had shredded bits of crab meat, bits of spinach with a poached egg on top of a small muffin. It’s not value for money. The $26 Wagyu Beef Sando was slightly better as the beef was tasty but the whole sando had a one note taste which was a smoky flavour with hints of bitterness. It was a bit boring after a few bites. The togarashi fries was good though and was the scene stealer in my opinion. Also, we felt hurried to vacate the table as there was a queue waiting and the waitress kept walking around and checking to see if they could quickly clear our plates. Was also shocked that they charged $12 for a yuzu + lime meringue pie.

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