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Had been a fan of Omote's Barachirashi Don ever since the first time I have had it a couple of years ago when they were still Sushiro at the small shop space that would only fit around less than 15 pax near the food court. Its amazing how they had since expanded their Chirashi Don offerings, with this being one of the latest additions to the latest menu launched a couple of weeks ago.

Taking their classic Chirashi Don and switching things up a little, this is everything I liked about their Chirashi Don with its well-sized cubes of assortment of raw fish that is fresh and affordable — all with a creamy Wasabi Mayo, chopped Wasabi and the standard knob of Wasabi on the side, topped with Ikura. The result is a mind-piercing, nose-sniffing experience; the numbing sensation that is so intense especially when one bites on the chopped Wasabi that it slows down one's eating speed because its just so mind boggling but so ever shiok. Some might call it a torture, but this is the dish that would be any Wasabi lover's calling; an item that are meant for all the daredevils willing to take up the challenge — very interesting indeed.