Nearest MTR: Central, Gough St.

These beef noodles were soooo good. While usually there is a long queue, we were lucky enough to get a seat under 5. Don't let the clear soup fool you. It is incredibly flavourful and tasty, but super light. So you can basically keep slurping it down with no inhibitions. The beehoon also was well-cooked, with a springy texture. However the star was undoubtedly the beef brisket. It was mad tender, and flavourful on its own. It just falls apart in your mouth as well.

The curry sauce version is not lacking either. The noodles were basically mee pok, but thinner and a lot more palatable imo. It was almost a kway teow consistency. The curry sauce, while thick, didn't feel jelat, and it was super addictive to slurp the curry noodles. The beef tendon was also tender, although not being a fan of the collagen stuff I preferred the soup version. Should give beef brisket noodles a go if you come HK, even if you don't come to this particular stall!