This was alright. Out of the 3 (pork belly, marinated spare ribs & Boston butt), the Boston butt was the nicest but it wasn’t v tender or anything. The marinated spare ribs were tender but I felt like it was a bit salty.

The best thing in this pic? The grilled enoki + hot kimchi LOL but the enoki is really nice, since it’s grilled with the meat juices!

It’s near my place so maaaybe I’ll try their pajeon/bibimbap next time but not in the near future :p Service is pretty slow and they’re nice but everyone is so busy so it’s pretty hard to catch their attention. Also doesn’t help that it feels like they block out their peripheral vision and only attend to what they are doing at that time. So if you see someone on the way to do something you gotta expect that it takes a lot more than wildly flailing arms to catch their attention.