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Bowled me all over again this did.
The Pan Roasted Red Snapper "Laksa" is just as beguiling as when I first had it in 2016.
Just so you know, this isn’t a straightforward traditional laksa but a great example of what happens when a chef takes the original and runs with it, all the way to the finishing line of mind-blowing creativity and deliciousness.
The crisp-of-skin red snapper comes on a heap of clipped laksa noodles that’s been cooked in a dry, fragrant, spicy“rempah”, and topped with fresh, bouncy pieces of lobster and other seafood. An aromatic gravy is served separately in a little jug - this is poured on only at the table. The generous amount of Thai basil and Vietnamese coriander, as well as the accompanying condiments play vital roles in making this dish unforgettable. And what I’d written in my previous post – “I'd never think of adding lime to a laksa myself but in Spago's rendition, the sour citrus note was a prism - splitting the light beam of "lemak" into a kaleidoscope of deliciousness.” – still rings true.
Do note this is only available in the a la carte dinner menu.