Having tried the B&B Classic Waffle some time back, Brawn & Brains had went even further with their waffles and developed a new sourdough variant which had replaced the former on the menu — something which I had been looking forward to try for a while but hadn’t had the stomach space to have it until fairly recently.

Given the various renditions of sourdough waffles I have tried from different establishments all around, I may not have had enough to make a fair comparison — but I would say the variant at Brawn & Brains is my favourite thus far. Unlike the sourdough waffles that I have tried previously which at times may turn out to be slightly soft and limp, the B&B Sourdough Waffle is surprisingly light, crisp and airy — even to the extent of being a lighter version of waffle as compared to their B&B Classic Waffle of the past; pretty easy to finish and comes even with a familiar tinge of tartness from the fermentation process of the sourdough batter similar to that of sourdough bread, which I found to be really impressive. Topped with a generous scoop of Vanilla ice-cream, the ice-cream is rich, creamy, smooth and sticky — a sheer joy to have at any given occasion, whilst also drizzled with salted caramel and sprinkled with pistachios for a crunch. Speak about the perfect tea-time dessert treat whilst enjoying a hot cup of Flat White here.

Some may argue about how Brawn & Brains is a favourite of mine — but it’s hard not to love them knowing how they put their heart and soul into the development of each dish just to give their patrons their very best; and the results show. Truly impressed with how the B&B Sourdough Waffles with Vanilla Ice-Cream was; absolutely excited with what might come out of their hands next!