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The brown doughnut shape fritter is called “Uddina Vada”. It is a Southern Indian delicacy popular during breakfast. We just have this as our lunch served with mint sauce and sambar (red lentil and vegetable stew). It is crunchy outside and soft inside just how we like.
The Rava Idly (green) is a signature item of MTR1924 (made with sarmolina) . We love having our idly with ghee pouring on top. These are 2 must-order items that we share with our visitors (4 persons in total).
Khara Bhath (corner left dish) is a savoury dish that divide us. One might like soft texture dal but others might not. Served with sliced tomato & mint sauce. Try it if you want to experience something different!
The staff is really friendly and offer to take picture for group photo. We are impressed with their service and this place sets a standard for good dosa in town.👍