A new take on the beloved cereal prawn or crab, the cereal chicken skin snack boasts the same buttery fragrance with a hint of spiciness. Cemani’s chicken skin snacks are certified to be high in collagen and protein, complete with addictive crunchiness with every bite. Pictured are 5 flavours to choose from: Mala, Salted Egg, Tom Yum, Original and Cereal

Alternative ways to enjoy them:
1) Toss Yusheng with a packet of Cemani Chicken Skin for crunchy bursts of chicken flavour in every mouth.
2) Lap Mei Fan Preserved Meat Claypot Rice topped off with a generous portion of Chicken Skin for double the crunchiness from the roasted crisp rice cuts and Chicken Skin.
3) Cemani Chicken is best enjoyed with Longevity Noodles. Garnish with chicken skin to enjoy the crisp chicken skin with every bite
4) Simply enjoy the original flavour on its own or dip with chili for a spice kick.