We’ve seen many instagrammers flock to this place to capture that picture-perfect cheese pull, and heard about it in reviews - so does it live up to its hype? Nah.

This stall currently gives you 4 options for your toast: Original, Chocolate, Charcoal, and Matcha.

At $3.80 a slice, it’s pretty pricey given its portion. Surprising to us, the toast was on sweet side, when we expected a savoury taste. We went for the Charcoal toast - the toast itself was crispy, but a tad too buttery for our liking (we saw them slathering heaps of butter on it). The cheese itself which should be the star of a cheese toast - was disappointing. It was too sweet and flat (with a semblance of condensed milk) and too chewy (like gum), which leaves you missing the melt-in-your-mouth experience of a good cheese toast which unveils the distinct taste profile of the cheese bit by bit.

So while it’s fun to see how far you can stretch your cheese, it probably doesn’t stretch your dollar. You’d probably get a better cheese toast elsewhere :/ It hits the sweet spot, just not the cheese spot.