From the new Ho Jia Ga at The Poiz Center; a hole-in-the-wall takeaway kiosk that serves up Taiwanese cuisine. Apart from serving up rice sets, various light bites such as fried snacks, Ho Jia Ga also serves up this Taiwanese delicacy that is somewhat of a rare find.

Essentially glutinous rice encasing Taiwanese sausage, I enjoyed how the one here is a medley of sweet and savoury notes — the rice being smothered with a savoury sauce that matched well with the signature sweetness of Taiwanese sausage; the sausage also giving the snack a good bite amidst the soft, chewiness of the glutinous rice. Pickles and coriander come in between the glutinous rice and Taiwanese sausage; the pickles giving the item a good crunch and a slight zing that refreshes the taste buds amidst the sweet-savouriness going on. Had not managed to try the actual renditions of this item in Taiwan, but this does feel like somewhat of a pretty decent rendition that is worth a try!