One of the rare places where you’re always pleasantly surprised at the reinterpretation of simple ingredients, cohesive concepts and of course, great cooking at its core.
I will dearly miss, the smoked tomato granita on the plump, sweet oysters (cold, sweet, smokey umami); the cheese buns with that aged Comte foam (always wipe the remaining foam off the dish with your fingers), the chicken liver cigars and date jam; that laksa leaf ice cream; ‘Popcorn’; the wagyu tartare with smoked maple butter and deep fried brussel sprouts; artichoke, truffle (I think) and burnt onion consommé (I think); the hapuka and the greatest of them all, the quail.
I cannot wait to visit the new bistro (at the current premises) and new fine dining restaurant (on Amoy Street). Thank you @rishinaleendra and @wamanuela for your wonderful food and hospitality. Michelin star or not, your food always has a place in my stomach and my heart. Goodbye for now, and hello again real soon!

#burpple #cheekbyjowlsg

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