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Stumbled across this Zi Char restaurant in the ulu part of Tampines, hidden beneath the rows of industrial buildings. This is situated in a food court below Block 9007, a canteen catering to the lunch and dinner crowds of office workers. The storefront is huge and it's kitchen occupies a big space. I settled for the one person portion of 咸蛋鸡丁饭 (Salted Egg Chicken Rice) priced at $6. They also offer salted egg pork ribs with rice, also at $6. The sauce itself was of a paler yellow and had a slightly underwhelming salted egg flavour. However, this is probably due to my greedy self requesting for more salted egg sauce, thus they made it more diluted and watery. The boneless chicken pieces, however, were nicely fried and tender. If only the sauce had packed more salted egg flavour, this would have been a winner. 🥚

Note to self: Don't request for more salted egg sauce next time.

Nevertheless, I will be back to try their other items on the menu. 😃

🚫 No Air-conditioning
👣 Free Seating
💸 Prices are nett
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Good for Groups