From Dingtele stall:

Probably one of the few places in Singapore to get Shen Jian Bao that’s actually pan-fried on a huge circular pan. There’s a few varieties of dumplings here, but if you can’t make up your mind, you can pick Set A which comes with two pork dumplings and two prawn dumplings. The prawn dumplings are slightly larger than the pork dumplings to help differentiate between the two. The skins are a bit in the thick side, but they’re soft and chewy, and keep all that sweet soupy goodness within. Beware when you bite into the dumpling, in case the precious soup splashes everywhere. The bottoms of the dumplings are pan fried to a warm brown which makes them crisp. I really liked the two different textures on both sides of the dumplings. The pork mince filling is really juicy and delicious. I enjoyed both the pork and prawn dumplings very much. Not my first time ordering, and far from being my last whenever I pass by Dingtele.

I hadnt tried the xiao long bao from Dingtele before, but the Chinese staff tried to recommend it to me in English so I agreed. A for effort. For 4 pieces at $5.40, it’s actually not TOO expensive considering this is Rasapura Masters food court at MBS. The xlb weren’t steaming hot, but warm enough, so they could be enjoyed immediately. The skin on these xlb were also quite thick, but that meant they also ran little risk of spilling apart and losing their precious soupy cargo. That said, the one thing I really didn’t like about this xlb was how sticky the skin was. It was hard to pick up and release the xlb because of that. However, one bite into the xlb and I was sold. The soup in these little packages is next level. They were sweet and bursting with flavour. I would totally buy this again for how good the soup filling is although they could work on the skin!

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