I went there on a friday night, not a long wait to get to our turn (15min). The atmosphere feels like you're dining in a small cafe in Italy which I love.

A few dishes I'd reccomend would be the burrata pizza. Its crispy and creamy with the cheese in the middle makes it really delicious. Paired with the pesto paste, it really complements it together.

The black truffle mac and cheese was really good as well. The truffle didnt overpower the mac n cheese but just enough to complement well with the creamy mac n cheese.

Lastly would be the fried calamari. Many places would mess up the calamari easily but heavily battering the squid or just buy it frozen but this restaurant did it just right. The light yet flavorful calamari got me hooked instantly that I got another plate to share.

Overall I'd reccomend this place 100% and would definitely come again. However, make sure to come a little earlier so that you have to queue so long :)) Really worth with the burpple deal as well

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