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A late night treat from Lickers because I was craving for, of all things, waffles and ice cream at 12:30am. Yeah…just one of those inexplicable, random cravings, I guess. 🤪

I got their Roasted Pistachio (top) and their Oolong Lavender (bottom). Pretty decent scoops. I used to love lavender-flavour things but my tastebuds have been gradually developing an aversion against it; I wasn’t a fan of it unfortunately. But credit where it’s due - I did like the smokiness that the oolong brought to the flavour, as it added a nuance to it. 🧐

I would have also loved for the waffles to be more substantial. It had a pretty scanty interior, and a crispy crust, which made it fall short in the satisfaction department and ultimately led to it being so-so at best. But I do see why it’s that way though - when I was nearly finished with it, it had soaked up a fair amount of the ice-cream and amped up the texture. 🤗