Saw the hype over Cong Ngot Vietnamese Dessert on social media over the last few days and decided to check them out after work since its pretty conveniently located opposite Bugis Junction at Wisma Alsagoff, where the Tanjong Rhu Wanton Noodles outlet there was located at.

While most of the social media hype seems to be surrounded by their cold dessert offerings, the Che Com; a hot dessert, is the item that caught our attention given the description on the menu, which features elements such as glutinous rice, yellow bean and coconut milk. Was totally impressed with how the dessert went; the slab of steamed Pandan-infused glutinous rice comes in a shade of vibrant green, absolutely sticky and dense, but pillowy soft and light — almost akin to that of glutinous rice cake (i.e. Nian Gao 年糕) when one heats it up, and nothing like the stiffer and grainier ones that we are more familiar with. The coconut milk helps to alleviate the fragrance of the pandan further, providing a creamy yet lightly saltish note to the light sweetness from the glutinous rice. Wasn’t a fan of the bits of yellow beans included on the top, but that’s probably because I am not much of a fan of beans in general — perhaps not really authentic, but I would really dig it for the idea to include fried mung beans as a replacement instead, which would provided a crispy texture that gives the dessert more contrast overall.

That being said, Cong Ngot Vietnamese Dessert is a unique spot hidden in the heart of town — an area well-known for its multiple Chinese dessert establishments such as Ah Chew Desserts, Desserts First, Honeymoon Desserts and Yatkayan Desserts, just to name a few, Cong Ngot Vietnamese Dessert is an interesting addition that gives patrons more options for a post-hotpot sweet treat.

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