Unlike other coffeeshops where mookata is the only offering in the night, Golden Mookata shares the spotlight with a couple of other stalls (get the affordable beer tower from the drinks stall!). This makes it good for big group dinners where not everyone wants to have grilled meats. That said, almost every table inadvertently orders it thanks to its affordability and tasty ingredients. Share an appetiser of Crispy Golden Thai Pork Belly ($15) β€” freshly fried slices of fatty pork belly that Burppler Shaowei Ho loves to dunk in the spicy sauce! For the mookata, the Special Set for Two ($22) that comes with chicken, pork, seafood and vegetables is a good start. Then, add on Baby Bamboo Clams ($5), Taiwan Sausages ($2.50) and the Special Golden Bak Kwa ($4) for the ultimate indulgence!
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burppler Shaowei Ho