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FOOD: You may have eaten various fishball noodles, mee pok and mee gia dry before but this is really worth trying. You will remember the taste (especially that of the soup!) and come back for more.

PRICE: $2.50 (Small), $3 (Medium; if you don't specify, you'll get this size), $3.50 (Large)

AMBIENCE: Typical market food place. Don't expect it to be spick and span. Expect a row of basins with soap (almost all the time) to wash your hands. (:

SERVICE: It's fast. Due to the variety of food choices they provide, think before you order especially for the picky ones.
1. Type of noodle
2. With or without chili
3. With or without pork lard
4. With or without tow gay etc

CONCLUSION: It opens till really late at night, beyond 12am. Really good supper choice!