With the new 50-seater store located ION food hall, Tenya offers a quality, and value-for-money Tendon bowls and set meals.

Feature :
💕 Salmon Tendon.
Masshigura rice topped with deep fried Tempura salmon fillet, Hiroshima oyster, Camembert cheese, local mashed potato mixed with carrot, Ohba, ikura and Tenya's tare sauce.

💕Spicy Cold Udon.
The cooked udon is served chilled in tsuyu; accompanied by Sakura ebi, fine strips of Japanese cucumber, Japanese leeks, tanuki (crispy fried tempura batter) and Taberu Layu (red pepper and garlic seasoning)
Recommend to try this, The spicy level is manageable (for me not spicy), refreshing with many textures.
💰only available as part of the set meals ($11.9 – $18.9).

A traditional Japanese dessert consisting of agar jelly, azuki, Shiratama (mochi) from Japan, red Maraschino cherry, and canned peach and Mandarin orange slices; served with Hokkaido soft serve and Kuromitsu (cane sugar).

📍Tenya ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn #B4-56.
ION Orchard