Knew this gorgeous bamboo dessert was one to try the moment I saw it floating around IG and glad I did!

Pardoning the messy cut made (with dessert forks), the cross section featured even layers of black sesame mousse, feuilletine, matcha sponge and vanilla sable encased within a matcha mousse gateau.

The nutty black sesame was the more dominant flavour, and would have preferred for richer matcha flavour. Nonetheless, a delightful and enjoyable dessert with great textural interplay of jelly, smooth mousse, crunchy feuilletine, and crisp sable.

Their flat white ($5.50) was standard but enjoyed the pairing with a rich dark chocolate that enhanced the natural sweetness and nuttiness of the coffee.

📍@aicafesg, 74 Horne Road, Singapore