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You design your own local food degustation menu here, meaning you get to choose your starter, mains and rice/noodles dishes in small tasting portions from a menu spanning Chinese, Malay, Indian to Peranakan signatures, including the most popular Singaporean fare. The meal will be accompanied by the lovely spread of D24 durian desserts, on top of the usual dessert buffet.
This is launched in conjunction with the Durian Fiesta at Goodwood Park Hotel on 15 March. In addition to the signature local desserts, cakes and pastries, the dessert buffet spread at Coffee Lounge features nine D24 durian creations such as D24 Pandan Lapis Coconut Cake (new in 2019); D24 Mousse Cake; D24 Puff; D24 Oreo Cake; D24 Hazeln
ut Tart; D24 Chendol Pudding; D24 Custard Bun; D24 Pancake - prepared a la minute at a ‘live’ station; and a D24 Ice Cream.
Their durian desserts excelled on two fronts - First, the quality of the durians; and second, how the pastry component complement our king of fruits. For this reason, maybe a compelling option for the local degustation is to opt for 3-course ($49.80), saving stomach space for more durian desserts. Then again, my additional course of laksa (pictured top right corner) was really good as well. What a dilemma.