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One of the better scrambled eggs offering out there, paired with two juicy pork sausages and tater tots. What can go wrong with tater tots? Arugula complements the dish nicely, while I feel that the cranberries sweet-and-sourness sticks out like a sore thumb. The portion is for two (diners, or meals)! Also you can choose either scrambled or poached eggs. A good place for alfresco brunch after strolling through Botanic Gardens, albeit slightly expensive. I can't recommend the coffee for now, unfortunately; a lot of work has to be done to it. Mains (including sandwiches, salads and the snacks) are also only available after 11pm.
In frame: egg (scrambled) with pork sausage, dried cranberries, tater tots, arugula, and Turkish bread [S$17]

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