The New York high tea was beautiful🤩🤩

Scones: Plain and raisin
Super fluffy, really well baked, the rose jam and cream cheese paired really well with the scones!

Bottom tier: Smoked salmon cream cheese bagel, Reuben sandwich and lobster on toast
The smoked salmon cream cheese was very light, but felt that the bagel was a bit chewy
The Reuben sandwich was so good, my favourite out of the 3! The sauerkraut cut through the sweetness of the roast beef and the cheese was so good!! The sourdough was toasted really well and altogether it was splendid!
The lobster roll was very refreshing, a buttery brioche topped with lobster mixed with mayonnaise.

Second tier: New York cheesecake, Red velvet, carrot cake
The New York cheesecake was very light, though the sable still the bottom was a bit soggy, but still my favourite out of the 3! The decoration was really pretty with fruits and icing flowers!
Red velvet was paired with cream cheese. It was really moist and not sweet at all!!
Carrot cake the cream cheese paired really well with the carrot cake and there were walnuts in the carrot cake which brought a different texture which was really pleasant! There was also a small carrot made out of marzipan which I found absolutely adorable!

Third tier: Brownie, Apple crumble
The brownie was really fudgy but I felt it didn’t really pair well with the chocolate cream on top of it, felt that the brownie was better on its own! The brownie had Walnuts incorporated inside and it brought a crunch to it which was really nice
The Apple crumble was my moms favourite! I personally found the tart to be soggy, perhaps it was left outside too Long? And I felt there wasn’t enough crumble, but one good thing about this crumble is that the Apple was really tart that cut through the sweetness of the tart shell!