After denying us the recipe to their frontier chicken, the lovable chef graciously treated us to this creme brulee(snap up the counter seats for a chance to interact with the friendly chefs with great sense of humour)

What a brilliant idea to have 3 flavours of creme brulee instead of the usual one so customers can taste variety but more importantly, this specific flavour had never been correctly guessed before. Without revealing too much so that we can all enjoy the mystery, I can safely say the only way to get it correct is to hazard a guess because the ingredient melds so well into creme brulee, lending a touch of creaminess and saltiness. Unexpected that it goes so well w creme brulee but definitely works if you're not fixated in how a normal creme brulee should taste.

Overall it is just a tad pricey but rather worth it for the whole experience and ingenuity. Some have said that fusion for the sake of fusion doesn't work, but they not only execute the dishes well and actually not many dishes are fusion dishes, they just do many different dishes from different Asian countries well.