This beautiful villa restaurant boasts a poolside view, exquisite Sicilian settings and spot-on Italian classics. That's reason enough to justify the splurge, but here's one more: the Italian Prosecco Brunch (RM148 per person, RM74 per child till 31st December 2017). Available on Sundays from 11am to 3pm, the experience is perfect for a family day out! For the adults, a fun weekly selection of aperitifs (including cocktails like gin and tonic, and dry bronze) are served. Meanwhile, the kids will be well engaged, as brunch includes a children's cooking class with the head chef! Spend your first hour ravaging the antipasto bar, and look out for the tasty chargrilled cod with potatoes and confit baby octopus. Come noon, you will be ushered into their formal dining area to settle in. Table service is provided for this part of the brunch. Have your fill of foie gras here, served with a bread platter fresh from the woodfired oven, but be sure to also save space for the great mains. The squid ink pasta, sauteed mussels as well as pan-fried cod are top-notch.
Avg price per person: RM100
Photo by Burppler Anna Wong