◾Classic Croissant [$3]
◾Pain au Chocolat [$3.5]
◾Apple Danish [$3.8]
◾Raisin Escargot [$3.6]
◾Orange & Chocolate Escargot [$3.8]

Touted as perhaps one of the best viennoiseries you can find on this little island - Petit Pain is no stranger to the local pastry scene.

Long queues start forming at noon - everyone eager to lay their hands on the pastries. Run by just two people, this petit store churns out only three batches of their delicious baked goods daily; you literally have to arrive early to secure your baked goods that can then only be collected at a particular timing. It's just THAT good.

I managed to snag all five viennoiseries on their menu. The highlight for me was definitely the Apple Danish, followed by the Orange & Chocolate escargot. Flaky, buttery and filled with so many laminated layers - you can see why they're the best.

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