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Was shocked to see a long queue even though it has been months since it opened (see 3rd pic). However, I soon realised the waiting time is because they brew each cup of tea on the spot instead of dispensing it from a tub of pre-brewed tea like most bubble tea shops do (see 4th pic). Taste-wise, I do think it tastes more premium and higher quality. It's also less sweet than usual. The 50% sugar tasted like a 10%. I usually get 30% at Gong Cha and this was less sweet than that - but not in an unpleasant way because the tea is light and refreshing, not bitter.

At this price point, it's not something I see myself returning for often, but I would get it again if the queues disappear.

Price: $4.70 ($3.20 for Ding Ding Oolong Tea + $1.50 for fresh milk)

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