Surprise find while looking for a birthday cake at Somerset area. Super satisfying rich, sticky, moist, creamy, chocolate cake! Comes in 6, 8, 9, 10, or 12 inch sizes... original (subtle sweet) or dark chocolate (bitter). Loved it! And one slice is all you need to cure whatever dark chocolate cravings you may have :)

I actually like them better than awfully chocolate! Love their warm lava cake the most!
Yes, it's really good and no icky artificial aftertaste. Ooh I saw that little sign for the lava cake too, must try that next time :)
Oh yes you really must try! It's ice cream underneath the oozing lava cake! Combination of warm and cold! Best it's only $5 cheap and good!
Mmmm ok, will definitely try it next time I'm there!
How much is this??;)
Grace Tay They don't sell individual slices, whole cakes start from $29 - $174 (original) / $36 - $216 (dark).
Ohhh😟 I see. Haha k thanks!:)
Grace Tay Despair not, they do sell individual-serve hot lava cake though ;)
I reeeeally love this!! You just reminded me its been a while. Mmmm gonna buy it this weekend haha thanks ah Celest
haha you're welcome ah Jayne Tan! Everytime I look at this picture, I get a mini craving myself too! Gosh...
Awfully chocolate is getting worse,the taste was good last time when I tried. I bought it for my bday this year,the taste change! It became bitter!!