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Oh man, this was really, REALLY nice. I came by pretty late to order the truffled mushroom burger + fries for around $8-9 (forgot the exact price), and was legitimately a little surprised by how well it turned out. The patty is thick, savoury and juicy, and the mushrooms on top are like legit shimeji mushrooms, not the sliced button mushrooms you’re probably more familiar with.

The fries were solid too, nicely chunky with a good bite to them, and they made for the perfect compliment. I really have to commend these guys; considering the meals they sell are easily double or triple the cost of everything else around, they’re still seeing a lot of traffic. Justifiably so, because it’s still a huge bargain for the quality you’re getting. Anywhere else, this would likely cost you easily $15++ or something like that.

If you’re around, do check this out! I love that it’s halal too, because that means I can bring anyone else around. They’ve got a vegetarian option as well, so this is really a great way for everyone to come together over great burgers.

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