recently i downloaded Tinder. ‘sure, why not?’ i thought. a week later, I had booked three dates with different people on the same day. lol yep. the first right swipe and first date was with this guy named Boon Lay, but most of his friends call him Power (he told me the story behind it but i forgot).

similar to the coconut rice, i admire his no-bullshit, straight-to-the-point personality. it is decent. but i think his best attributes are his limbs. just like the chicken wing, they are strong, juicy, looks really tasty and when i accidentally licked it during the date, oof too good. his flaw tho: his overly try-hard fashion sense. the chilli is good too but it doesn’t match the rice, just like how the date was wearing floral shirts and bucket hats that doesn’t fit him to fit into the fashion trends. he is easygoing though. perhaps too easygoing. just like the stall, Power accepts a grand total of 28 payment methods when i wanted to split the bill with him.

overall a decent date.

16/28 let’s see what happens next.

[this is part 1 of 3 (or tinder date 1 out of 3) where i went to three different nasi lemak stalls in a day, please visit the profile for more reviews. i don’t actually use tinder 🤪]

i’m an easygoing person and i feel attacked