The newly-minted two-Michelin star restaurant, helmed by the charismatic Chef Hiroyasu Kawate (@hiroyasu_kawate), has had quite the meteoric rise since its launch a few years ago, and remains both a mainstream favourite as well as a mainstay on contemporary dining best-of lists.

My experience? Apart from a rather unfortunate instance of undercooked meat (which I would write off as a one-off - my dining companion had no problems whatsoever with his portion of the same dish), I can fully appreciate why Florilége is the smash hit that it is, and am sufficiently inspired to write a proper entry about the experience on the website later on. For now, I just want to highlight that the service was top drawer - I had clumsily dropped my spoon whilst having the amuse bouche, resulting in my eggplant mousse glamorously falling splat onto my napkin in manner of meteorite crashing into forest floor, but within twenty seconds they immediately served me a new portion. Colour me very impressed and appreciative indeed.