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I was searching for something fruity after a hearty dinner, and decided to come by the Punggol East Container Park for some Bingsu in a rainy night. Now, for those who would think that Bingsu is always a sweet affair, this one has just proven me wrong.

Priced at S$18.90, the Mango with Ice Cream Bingsu (Yoghurt Base) is basically finely shaved ice (spoiler: mini marshmallows inside!), with cubes of mangoes lined up evenly to form that mountain, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream tops the Bingsu before drizzling some mango sauce. Interestingly, the mangoes were not as sweet as they seem, but eating it with melted vanilla ice cream and yoghurt shaved ice made this dessert not so gelak to have. I almost thought that Seoul Good recreated a deconstructed Mango Lassi, but no it is still pretty much Korean, if not Singaporean.

If you’re a mosquito magnet, just remember to bring a cardigan or jacket, and hope that the indoor air-conditioned container has a vacant table for your desserts or meals, else you will have to settle for outdoor seats. But you’ve been warned, that it can get quite cold inside if the weather out there is not sunny.