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I’m so happy that I found another place that serve better than average gourmet coffee! Kudos to the barista last night, nicely brewed. 😌🌟⁣

1st pic: Stuffed Berries Hotcake 🥰👍🏻👏🏻 I lurrrve how generous they were w their flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds & pecan nuts. They even had some biscotti crumbs and it was a lovely combination w the hot cakes. 👏🏻 I chew all the nuts until mouth abit tired but no regrets man. 😂😂😂 & I’m so happy that they serve their brunch items all dayyyy. ⁣

2nd pic: Their mantou w chilli crab side dish $11. I was so happy to see pieces of crab meat in the sauce. Damm shiok to eat it w the mantou. Mantou did not disappoint, was crispy w every bite. I just wished they made their chilli crab sauce a little spicier for that extra oomph 😌😌🤪🔥. ⁣

Last pic: Flat white (reg size) $5🥰🥰⁣

🍽 Habitat coffee is located at ⁣
223 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574355⁣

🕰 Tues-Sun: 10.00am-10.00pm⁣ Closed on Mondays ⁣