Got to give them A+ for effort to serve up this beautiful plate after I had a little tour in the cheese room 😛 picked my own cheese and took into account the texture and tasting notes of each individual cheese. Stuck with some safe options and regret some leap-of-faith choices. Ah, will get better next time!

Starting from top left in a clockwise direction:
1. sbrinz 16 months - Swiss sharp hard cheese from cow. Sadly I asked for a recommendation from something similar to parmigiano but there was too much of the rind served, making it rather distasteful
2. Tête de moine - Easily identifiable Swiss cheese! One of my fav and also one of the top 5 rated by Providore. Love how buttery and flaky this cheese is!
3. Wensley cranberry - English semi soft cheese, taste like cream cheese with a tart sweetness from the cranberries. Not the best but a good choice to compliment the platter I’d say
4. Gorgonzola dolce DOP - Italian cheese (cow). This has got to be one of my absolute fav. Love how creamy and rich this is. It is almost flowy, handle with care please! Taste best with the cracker (the one pictured, not just any other cracker) and a dab of truffle honey (pictured). Like seriously, just match made in heaven 🥰
5. Petit délice creamiers, truffle - french cheese (cow) that is extremely milky and soft. Not bad, but it’s too milky and truffle taste is extremely mild. Should have gotten the Brie instead

Condiments include: dried mulberry (love the texture and it’s uneven surface), dried apricot (maybe not again, too chunky to handle, replaceable), muscat grapes (better than raisins!!), salt water crackers (oh, I wouldn’t have it any other way, I actually pick my cheese places based on the crackers they serve), Quince paste & truffle honey (OH YAAAAAS)