Freshly made, small-batch gelato by a friendly uncle (who happily shows you his ice cream set up if asked, and leaves the cutest responses on google reviews 🤩). Step into the cosy space and be greeted with a variety of choices and generous scoops of ice cream samples. All were smooth, creamy, and not too sweet, just how we like it.

As a fan of pistachio ($4.70/premium), this satisfied in distinct nuttiness. Not the strongest around but liked that it wasn’t sweet or surfeiting, with tiny crunch bits from actual nuts within. Bourbon dark chocolate ($5.50) was a good balance of rich bittersweet chocolate and malty undertones.

Paired it with a warm croffle that was a good balance of flakiness and fluffiness, and went well with the creamy gelato.

Flat white ($4.20) - Standard ‘buffet-style’ coffee of darker and bitter beans.

📍@freshiogelato, 01-60, Sunshine Plaza, Bencoolen Street, Singapore