In this age of Tinder and hook-ups, the relationship I have with @sgtakayama is considered old-fashioned because it’s been a long and sweet courtship. It began with a lunch shortly after they opened almost two years ago, then an dinner event held in conjunction with a Japanese glass artisan company, and late last year, I attended a 4-hands pop-up with Executive Chef Taro’s friends from Osaka. This slow and steady pace of discovering what he and his team are capable of, has finally led to me declaring that my heart is well and truly won. Sealing the deal with a kiss was the Omakase dinner I had a few days ago. Here is what was served:

- A stunning cold appetiser of Japanese hairy crabmeat with yuzu zest and chopped Japanese yam, crowned in marinated Oscetra caviar and served with Japanese yam ice-cream.

- Deepfried spring roll filled with creamy #Shirako (cod sperm sac) that proved a dazzling study in contrasts.

- A parade of different sublime Sashimi including raw Snow Crab leg (a first for me), each given a little extra kick in flavour with housemade condiments such as cured red fish roe, soya sauce, radish with ponzu sauce, cured egg yolk.

- Airy-light Monaka Wafer (Japanese rice biscuit) sandwiching a marvelous combo of foie gras ice-cream, turnip with yuzu skin, pickled watermelon rind, chopped ginger flower and roasted chilli.

- A huge boiled Japanese abalone sliced and plated with plump tempura-style Tottori shiitake mushrooms, abalone liver cream and abalone stock sauce.

- Palate-cleansing Somen in clear dashi (seasoned with a pinch of salt) and served with juicy, sweet Japanese pear and a splash of matcha-infused oil.

- A fantastic beef course showcasing A5 Wagyu poached in a dashi flooded with Japanese leeks, then dressed in a housemade sauce of sesame, vinegar and soya milk, plus a dash of chilli oil. Two helpings were absolutely necessary.

- Superb Snow Crab and Uni Claypot Rice that was exceedingly fragrant, fluffy and sweet-in-seafood-flavour. It was accompanied by a bowl of miso soup with clams and some assorted pickles.

- Dessert of Japanese pomelo with housemade orange ice-cream and orange bits (with rind still attached) mixed in honey wine jelly. This was paired with a Mikan-flavoured Sake for maximum enjoyment.

- Piping hot Houjicha financiers that was simply mind-blowing.

Profoundly delicious, this was a meal that has made an indelible impression, and has me pining for more.