When you order a $11++ cake and this giant of a cake appears in front of you — a mammoth for a cake slice that feeds two pretty comfortably; perhaps this is why it is asking a price that's twice of the usual.

The size might look quite intimidating but it's not as difficult to finish as one thinks it is — the carrot cake is much on the subtle side with a little hint of cinnamon, a bit of honey and not too cloying cream cheese that doesn't scream of full-on sweetness. The cake layer is also delightfully moist and just of the right denseness. Still, you would probably need a partner or two just to finish this due to its sheer size.

Asked for a Magic which complements it nicely — using blends from Common Man Coffee Roasters the coffee here is on the fruity side with a rather clean finish.

(PS: They do offer different menus for lunch, dinner and brunch (weekend only) which seems pretty worthy to check out!)