Didn't expected that I just explored it out via bus 131 from pek kio (Owen Road) towards rochor mrt lol 👀. Aunt really got that patience to handle my fussy and undecided mindset 😳 I got a bit of mafan and indecisive on choosing ice cream flavour tbh. So she let me to try it out different flavour for ice cream as she did recommended for and of course best selling flavour (eh I forgot it which it is lol) I aim for chocolate flavour and also another flavour that I didn't know which flavour to choose from but in the end I got new flavour (wild berry) to recommend from aunt. Belgium Chocolate ($4.70 per scoop) got a bit bitter aftertaste with hard chocolate shaving inside but wild berry just creamy, milky and a hints of berry taste for me tbh sorry aunty I'm not really berry person. But their service is 💯 and also w/o gst and service charge. 11