The Short Review

Price Range: $50-$70

Nearest MRT: Botanic Gardens

Instagrammability: High -
Fine dining in the Dempsey forest.

1) Pan-Seared Foie Gras [$32.00++]
Essentially $19 per thick slab of foie, each piece is seared nicely & not overdone, though I'd prefer it to be slightly creamier. Still, foie's my weakness & this tastes good.
The poached white peach & pomegranate seeds added a nice touch of sweetness.

2) Seared Black Cod Filet [$42.00++]
Excellent sear on the cod, but the sautéed artichoke, with an almost pickled taste, kept sitting in the Beurre Meunière sauce & diffused an overpowering sourness to the rest of the components such as the cherry tomato confit.

3) Oven-Roasted Quail stuffed with Wild Mushrooms & Foie Gras [$42.00++]
Wasn't kidding when I said foie is my weakness.
The quail was almost perfectly handled, spilling its contents of diced, earthy mushrooms & a small slab of foie like a piñata upon gentle knife-probing. The pommes mousseline was good & cheesier than expected, but it's edged out by the one I tried at L'Atelier. All in all, superior to the cod.

Even The Entertainer can't save you from taking a financial beating, but Au Petit Salut's fare makes it quite worth the damage. Do note the enforced smart casual dress code; it's Dempsey, not Sunset Way.

Come Here: Again.